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Wedding Hacks.....
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Wedding Hacks.....

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We are back at it again with more money saving tips for your big day.

Let’s be serious… planning is not only stressful but it can be extremely expensive as well. However, here at RDevine, we feel as if every couple should be able to afford their big day, and not be broke for their first week as a married couple. So we scoured through the internet to find some new and interesting ideas for saving.

Wedding Hack #1:

When picking your venue….try to think outside of the box! Try checking out vacation rentals instead of your traditional venues. You can find some great properties on Airbnb or VRBO! Just give the properties a call to check and see if you are able to host an event there. Not only can this save you money in terms of the venue…..but you don’t have to worry about the hassles of staying within a venue’s list of preferred vendors. Bottom line… opens the possibilities for you to be flexible in terms of caterers, bartending services etc. Links included at the bottom of the blog.

Wedding Hack #2:
Depending on the wedding vision of the couple……flowers for your big day can be a huge portion of your wedding costs. Your physical geographic location and flower variety can have your florist bill sky high. Wedding florists typically have higher rates in large cities such as Los Angeles or New York than in smaller towns and areas with lower costs of living. So what can you do? We suggest hitting up your local Costco or BJ’s for flower options! Get over 100 stems or 10 bouquets of a variety of flowers and fillers for under $100. The great part is… don’t even have to be a member. There is a 10% fee for non-members….but the cost of the non-member fee is definitely potentially lower than going a more expensive route with a typical florist. The links to those will be included at the bottom of the blog.

*Tip* Set a specific delivery time of no more than a couple days before your wedding. Keeping these flowers refrigerated will keep these flowers fresh.

Wedding Hack #3:
As silly as this next one sounds……just hear us out haha. Avoid using the buzz words “wedding” or “honeymoon.” Yes…..I know what you are probably thinking. How am I supposed to avoid those words…..I’m getting married after all! Well, as we discussed before….smacking the word “wedding” onto anything makes that price shoot up. Anything wedding-related is consider high risk and high drama for service professionals. As long as you know exactly what you want (aka no drama), then expect to get cheaper rates by avoiding the those key words.


Wedding Hack #4:
Buy instead of rent! We have mentioned it before…..but it certainly is worth re-mentioning. When it comes to table linens, table settings, and decor, you’re better off buying instead of renting. There are several sites such as Tradesy, Ruffled, and OnceWed that you can buy and sell items.

Wedding Hack #5:
Channel your inner DIY! We must admit, there are some DIY wedding things that we will just leave to Pinterest. However, there are some quick wedding hacks that just about anyone can do…..and that will save you money as well. For example, check your local thrift store for old framed pictures. A little spray paint and chalkboard paint will have you with a cute & affordable sign for your guests.

Wedding Hack #6:
Print your own invitations. You can get some really nice stationary paper from your local craft store or Amazon and print your invites at home. Most DIY invitation kits include access to free software online so you can easily customize fonts and test that will fit on your invites. I will include links below!

Wedding Hack #7:

This one might also seem a no brain-er.....but we figured we would mention it as well. If you have a wedding website, have your guests RSVP on there. It saves you stamps, paper,  and ink.


Wedding Hack #8:

For those couples who are open to the idea....have a close friend or family member officiate your wedding! Experienced church ministers can charge up to $400 to officiate your wedding.....these costs can certainly add up. A close friend/family member can become legally ordained with sites like Universal Life Church. Not only will you save money, you can continue to have that personal touch with your wedding by choosing someone who is important in your life, and has even watched you and your partner grow as a couple!


Some people might read this and be surprised that we weren't touting our own brand for every budget-saving tip. While it may be odd to some, we really do believe in making sure that all those couples out there are getting the wedding of their if that means enlisting us as a vendor, that's fantastic! However, we understand that some people would rather go a different route....and that's fine! Why not help give you all the tools you need to help save?


As always we are here for questions, comments, and concerns! We are just a message or email away....