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Tips to Help Execute the Perfect Summer Wedding....

Summertime is here my friends!



Most look forward to these warmer months because that means vacations, warm weather, and a carefree, chill vibe. However, with all those fabulous things comes the heat, bugs, and sweating your behind off.



Summer weddings are great for so many reasons. The warm weather carries into the evening making it perfect for outdoor ceremonies. That being said, those outdoor ceremonies pretty much come with built in décor because of all the beautiful flowers in full bloom around you! Who doesn’t love gorgeous (and free) floral selections?



So…..what are some things you should consider when you plan your Summer wedding?



Time of Day. Mid-Day is when the sun is at its hottest. That being said, we recommend that you avoid scheduling your ceremony during that time. Consider having an early evening ceremony that leads into an evening reception. Your pictures will capture the beauty of a sunset, and your bridal party and guests won’t end up sunburned. Or….check with your venue if they offer a morning ceremony, with a brunch reception. It may not be your “typical” time for a wedding, but you will avoid the heat, and might even save a few dollars as well.


Provide some source of heat relief. You can do this in a number of ways. Turn your programs into a fan and hand them out to your guests. You kill two birds with one stone in this instance! We would also recommend considering a tent to provide some shade; bonus if you add fans or a portable AC. Most importantly, make sure your guests stay hydrated. Ensure that they always have water available to them….especially when it’s time to cut a rug!


Protection from sun and bugs. Consider adding a few favors at the ceremony site. Adorable hats or parasols can help shield the UV rays. Sunglasses are a cute touch as well, and keeps things fun for all the guests. In addition, if you are feeling crafty, having DIY bug sprays for all your guests before they find their seats can help ward off those pesky bugs.


Serve Appropriate Food & Drink. Summer time is definitely not the time of the year where you want heavy foods on your belly. It’s certainly easy enough to feel sluggish with the heat alone. Consider having grilled kabobs or ice pops. Frozen cocktails or mojitos with fresh mint and sugar cane fit perfectly within the Summer vibe.


Be mindful of Summer calendars. Send your save-the-dates! Summer time is filled with holidays, vacations, and other Summer weddings. Make sure that your guests have your big day marked in ink on their calendars before their schedules get booked up with other engagements.


Breathable Materials. This goes for gowns AND suits. Cotton, chiffon, crepe, and linen are just a few materials that will breathe and that will help avoid sweat stains and ultimately maximum discomfort on an otherwise exciting day.


Summer Locks. Unless you have some sort of magical hair powers that keeps your hair looking perfect in all weather, we suggest you not skip a trial run for your hair. If you have natural curl to your hair, and don’t mind wearing your hair down, try adding accessories like a colorful flower crown to give a bohemian/beach vibe. A sleek, pulled back style such as a low pony or twist can definitely help combat this issue as well.




While these tips only scratch the surface when it comes to planning Summer weddings, we hope that these tips help in beating the Summer heat!

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