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Pre-Black Friday Deals.....

With the election now over, leaving many distraught, and Thanksgiving right around the corner.....I figured everyone needed something to make them smile.

What is that you ask?


....yup......I can't be the only one who smiles when a great deal is put in front of me. So to bring some smiles to the faces of those avoiding their Facebook timelines, and those hiding in the bridal groups(let's face's much happier there) I wanted to list a coupon code that we are putting out for a limited time.

Starting today, November 9th....and ending next week, November 16th, type in the promo code DEALS30 at checkout to receive 30% off your entire purchase. 

....nope....we aren't joking with you. We figured why wait until Black Friday to get a good deal? Who has the patience? Not me haha.

That being said.....any questions you have feel free to email me at info@rdevine


Happy Shopping......and don't forget to smile. :)



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