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P.O. Box 25163Alexandria VA 22314

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Phenomenal Woman......That's Me....
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Phenomenal Woman......That's Me....

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"Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.
I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size
But when I start to tell them……they think I’m telling lies.
I say….It’s in the reach of my arms, the span of my hips, the stride of my step, the curl of my lips.
I’m a woman …..Phenomenally.
Phenomenal woman…..That’s me.”

These words, spoken by the late Maya Angelou, could not be anymore representative of what our purpose at RDevine is. When people think of their big day, they want to look and feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. The process up to that point is also very important. As mentioned countless times before, we believe that you CAN have luxury fashion at an affordable price. We believe that a bride shouldn’t have to settle when it comes to their dress because of price point or availability. Finding the perfect dress shouldn’t be stressful. We want to give you that moment. That moment where you put on a gown and you can’t help but tear up, because at that moment, you feel like the beautiful bride, nay, the beautiful PERSON, that everyone else sees. You don’t want to be tugging, or pulling, or adjusting at your dress. You want to enjoy and be in the moment.

So what about the other 364 days of the year?

That brings us to the launch of RDevine Casual. All the concepts and beliefs that we hold dear to us for brides to be, are no different than the ones when dealing with everyday clothes. I hate to sound overly cynical….but you aren’t going to feel that “bridal glow” everyday of your life. How many of us have sat in front of a closet full of clothes screaming “I have nothing to wear!” while getting ready? How many of us feel like we wear the same thing everyday? How many of us live in yoga pants and a tee shirt all because “dressing up” for lunch with the girls is too damn tedious? I don’t know about you…..but I know I’m guilty of ALL of these. If What Not to Wear and all those other makeover shows have taught me anything, it’s that most of us aren’t dressing to our potential.

Having a great outfit on immediately puts us in a better mood…..and often enough gives us a better outlook on how we approach the day. You don’t need to have a closet full of clothes to have a cleaned polished look. Basic staples such as a great blazer, or a dark jean can work wonders. Not only is our aim to give you quality day to day clothes at an affordable price (let’s face it….that Forever XII shirt is on its last leg), it’s to give you products that are just as versatile as you.

Our lives are jam packed with work meetings, happy hours, date night, and running errands. Who has the time to coordinate a bunch of different outfits just to suit the situation you are in? So whether you are grabbing drinks for happy hour straight out of work, having brunch with the girls, or want a polished look so you don’t look like a train wreck while running errands…..we got you.

As cliché as it sounds, to look your best…you have to feel your best. Fashion shouldn’t be hard. You should be able to purchase long-wearing quality clothes without breaking the bank. What’s a good outfit if you don’t have money left to go anywhere to show it off?

RDevine Casual aims to highlight and showcase that fabulous woman we know that you are. So stop hiding behind those baggy sweatpants and check out what we have to offer. If you invest in looking great for your big day, why not invest in yourself every other day of the year? You deserve to look and feel good…… just because it’s Wednesday.

We promise that you will thank yourself for it.

You’re Devine.