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Panic Free Zone

First "draft" of my dress Full front  Full back


So, I'll be honest....

I never dreamed about my wedding...or how extravagant it would be....and definitely not what the dress would look like....I mean it was hard enough to choose one outfit in the morning to go to work! My first marriage it didn't matter....I was young and in love. However this being both our second marriages....and us not wanting to be super extravagant anyways because our love was extravagant enough.....haha I cheeseball....bare with me!

However, there I was...about a little over a year ago...newly engaged and flooded with questions of what all the details were...namely the dress. My lovely fiance reminded me though, when we first were giving RDevine life....that I could have WHATEVER I wanted. Price point not even an issue. The process began, ideas became doodles, doodles became rough sketches, bridal magazines cut....all to create what I wanted. 

...It was all exhilarating that something I drew was coming to life. My fiance had been through this process millions of times being a designer and owner of many of his own businesses; one being apparel. The fact that he was able to relive that excitement of something of his coming to excitement...and just in case we already weren't about to blow up....the excitement of our day. 

I started to see what all these brides were fussing about. The day came when my fiance want to see the first pictures of the process?

I GOT IT....I understood how this was so special. That even though that our big day was about us, not our wedding, I understood that amazing feeling you get when you know that this dress wasn't just a dress I was going to wear on my wedding day. This was a symbol of where I am now....the love that I never thought I would get ideas, my thoughts, my feelings.....ME. Not anyone else. One of a kind...and to be honest, for a woman who doesn't take compliments well, I took this moment graciously.

This is what I want to share with you out there. Yeah you. I want to share this moment that was foreign to me.I want to give this personalized luxury of getting to be apart of and mold this process...however you want...without second guessing whether or not you can afford this, or think that maybe that plain dress in the back of your closet will do. won't do.....Don't settle....I mean did you settle for love with the person you are marrying? Chances didn't.

So this is for that woman compromising  her dream dress before she even really knows what it is,because she doesn't think it's in her budget. The tomboy. The princess. The simple. The extravagant. The ones who have been dreaming about this all their life. The ones who don't really realize until that moment they feel the feeling. Where we cry our ugly tears. Where we realize that we deserve this feeling. This love. This new journey. Where it's you....your partner....and the world at your feet.

So I hope that I get to share this excitement with you. I want people to share this feeling that I'm feeling....because to be honest...even the prettiest, the most elegant words can't begin to describe each and every moment. 

You're Devine.



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