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Let's Break Tradition....
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Let's Break Tradition....

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Short vs. Long

Traditional vs. Modern.

These are debates that every bride go through when choosing their dress. Let me make this clear from the very beginning here….

……there is no right or wrong answer here.

I did want to take the time though and shout out to the brides choosing to be bold and are considering a shorter dress. Sometimes with all the chaos of the dress buying process…..sometimes if the bride wants to try a shorter, non- traditional dress, EVERYONE seems to lose their minds.

…..and who wants to fight their Grandma who is arguing that “it’s just not right” and that she would prefer you in a “nice traditional dress.” Yeah…..I didn’t think so.

So what are our options here? Well first, I want to shake the thought out of your head that short wedding dresses means you look like you are going to the club to shake your groove thang. Unless that’s the look you are going for….which in that case….shake it like a Polaroid picture girlfriend!

A short wedding dress is defined by any dress that doesn’t sweep the floor. So this includes Tea Length dresses, Knee length, and even your modern High-Low dresses. They are great for destination weddings, beach weddings, a simple ceremony, or even as a second dress for a reception. In addition they are perfect for a bride who is known to cut a rug, but still wants to look glamorous and sexy while doing it. We can’t forget about those brides out there with legs for days….that simply just want to showcase their best asset!

No matter what your reason….there are tons of glamorous options and styles that will keep you feeling beautiful. For example, a knee length dress is perfect for a subtle yet polished look. Too much accessorizing can make it look like a party dress or a little costume-y… if you wear jewelry think simple, classic, and clean.

Knee Length Chantilly Lace Wedding Gown with Couture Detailing and Ballerina Skirt


A tea length dress operates off the same rule….don’t overdress it or make it over dramatic for a risk of looking too costume-y. Consider adding your flare with a pop of color in your shoe choice, or with a hair accessory.

   Sweetheart Off The Shoulder Simple Style Tea Length Wedding Dress                 aeProduct.getSubject()


The High-low dress length follows suit on all of this as well.

    Sweetheart High Low Wedding Gown with Ruching and Ruffles                  il_570xN.305341831


With shorter dresses, remember….the dress is your statement. A bride’s personality, who chooses any of these lengths, shines through by showcasing a modern, funky twist to their nuptials. Remember less is more (pardon the pun) and keep it simple! Done correctly, any dress length you choose will sure to wow everyone.


As with any dress …..make sure you choose to stay true to you and your style…..the rest is history!