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Include Your Man

So you just got engaged and now it's time to buckle down and work on the details. I know, I know.....some of you have been dreaming about this day since you popped out of the womb. You don't need help. You've got it all figured out....bla bla bla. I want to talk about the one major thing that most ladies seem to leave out when the wedding planning commences. What is it you ask?

YOUR MAN(or woman for that matter).

Now before you scoff and roll your eyes....let me explain. A lot of bride-to-be's tend to take over the wedding planning right away. All they expect the groom to do is show up.....annnndddd maybe pay too, haha. You would be surprised though, what including your significant other in on the plans will do. It helps immensely. Even if you are a control freak (like me), having someone help you with all of it takes a huge weight off your chest. When my fiance proposed, I didn't even know where to start. However I figured that this isn't something that Google and some great gal pals can help me with. Much to my surprise, the first week we were engaged, this guy had spreadsheets and all that jazz to ready to go. My initial reaction was, "What on God's green?!" 

My first wedding was a simple civil ceremony with a "reception" at my Dad's house where we basically grilled out and drank. My fiance's first wedding was much like what was described earlier; his ex required him to show up. She handled all the details. He desperately wanted to do things differently this go around, and for a girl who knows nothing about planning for a wedding......I wasn't about to stop him. Even though the process was still stressful at times, having him there helping, stopped me from pulling out my hair. He had fresh ideas and concepts that he was constantly bringing up. Things that I hadn't even thought of! Out of the two of us, he definitely has an eye for fashion and what looks I trusted his judgement. Not too mention, even though he has seen sketches of my dress, he doesn't know what it looks like for real. He ended up giving me some great insight on what style and he thought would look best on me. It was great having him take control when talking with vendors because he knew exactly what questions to ask....and would follow up with what questions I may have missed. Having someone to share all of this with kept me sane. 

Bottom line is this....

Don't forget what you are doing this all for. To bind your love together and start a new life together. Unless you plan to start this whole life excluding your significant other....why would you exclude them from the actual process? Remember....your wedding day is just that.....a day. After all the festivities are done and over with, it's just you and your significant other. You will have to lean on each other at times, ask advice, and plan things together. So why not start out your marriage with something you planned TOGETHER. Leave your bridezilla at the door. You would be surprised how much closer you will get going through this process together. 

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