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Wedding Budget Tip #1: Create Your Wedding Budget

Create your wedding budget and stick to it!

Before you hire a single vendor or even make an appointment to meet with some potentials, you should sit down and crunch the numbers. Trust me on this, friends! The only way you can stick to a budget is to set one.

Sit down with all the parties involved in contributing to your big day and find out how much everyone is pitching in. It’s not fun, but it’s oh so important if you want to plan your wedding without going over budget!

Determine how much money you can save over the period of your engagement to put towards your wedding. Once you’ve calculated that budget total, then you’re in the clear to start making decisions and putting down deposits.

The biggest mistake that you can make when it comes to your budget is starting to spend it before you know how much you’ve got to spend. That’s an almost guaranteed way to overspend!

If sticking to your budget is a priority to you, and especially if there’s a chance of you accumulating debt if you go over budget, I highly recommend taking this step prior to planning your big day.


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