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Brides on a Budget
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Brides on a Budget

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It’s no secret that planning a wedding can get expensive. Nowadays, you slap the word “wedding” on something and the price automatically sky rockets. At least that’s what I learned when planning my wedding.

Fortunately, I was able to have the resources to make sure my nuptials remained exciting and something I could look forward to…..not something that was robbing me silly. Now that my wedding planning has come to a close, and I’m counting down the days until October 7th, I wanted to share the same resources that I was able to use, with giving you a run down on how you can stay within budget, but still giving you the wedding that you have been dreaming about.


When it comes to linens, there has always been the debate of whether or not you should rent or buy. In our personal opinion, nowadays, buying linens seems to be more cost efficient. Most linen rental companies overcharge for their rentals, then end up requiring you to return those said linens the day after your wedding ( I mean, come on…..who wants to go through all that). Not too mention all the possible fees that you might get charged for stains etc. It’s a headache that certainly isn’t worth it. You can purchase your linens at a fraction of the cost, not too mention there are plenty of online companies that will buy your used linens from you…….money back in your pocket….always a positive. ;)

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Bouquets and Flowers:

For some flowers are everything at the wedding…..for others, they could care less. Regardless of your view point, there are a million things you can choose for your bouquets. You can choose to skip flowers all together and do a bouquet alternative , such as papier- mache creations, dream catchers, or tambourines. If you’d like to stick with a more traditional look, but don’t want to pricey tag of real flowers, you can choose a real silk bouquet/flowers. They look and feel almost real….however they don’t break the budget.



Get creative with your venue! Don’t be shy about thinking outside the box. There are plenty of beautiful weddings that are outdoors at a local park, or even at your local theatre. You can add your own personal touch, while keeping it fun and not overdone. Also….look for venues that already have tables, chair, china etc…..those savings will add up fast!


Instead of hiring a makeup artist….go to the department store and get a free makeover. Most times, the makeup artist there will teach you a few tricks, and if you are lucky, you can get some free samples out of it! Or, if you are willing to search, a lot of local makeup artists are dying to get new faces for their portfolio. It might take a little bit of asking around, but chances are you can probably get connected with a really good makeup artist that won’t charge you ridiculous prices.

Choose an Off Day:

Having your ceremony on say a Friday night instead of Saturday can save you a bundle. Getting married on a Sunday is much cheaper than a Saturday as well. Early morning Brunch style weddings also can shave a few dollars off if planned correctly. The more “popular” a time for a wedding, the more expensive it will be!

Choosing your attire:

This part seems to be the thing that breaks most budgets! Whether you choose a dress, a tuxedo, a pant-suit or whatever suits your style, there are ways to stay within budget. All our wedding attire at RDevine is reasonably priced….with custom designs capping off at $1,000, you will be sure to find what you are looking for without going over budget.

Check out Bridal Shows:

Vendors often offer specials and giveaways at shows. You can save a ton on different vendors like photographers etc.


Set cameras on each table…..that way you can get all points of view of your wedding day! A photographer may grab most moments, but the candid moments of your wedding day will definitely be something that you will cherish for years to come.

Check Groupon:
Nowadays you can find anything on Groupon……your wedding needs are no exception! You can often find great deals for photo booths, and even catering services!

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Hire recent grads from your local culinary institute. Fresh out of school, they are eager to please, are grateful for the experience, and charge way less than an established caterer. Also….you can save money on the cake by doing a dessert buffet instead of your traditional cake. It’s fun, and you can make it unique to you.


Instead of having a formal reception, why not make it informal and hit the town afterwards?! This is great especially for smaller casual ceremonies because you can keep it casual and fun without spending a fortune on a location, bartender costs, etc.


Now those are just a few tips for you that I was able to save money with and that I’ve heard along the way. Here at RDevine, we try and make your special day as easy as possible, and as affordable as possible. Stay tuned for our website’s new look as we continue to grow in our services. As for now, if you don’t see it on our site, doesn’t mean we can’t do it. Don’t be shy about messaging us with questions about anything; from attire to décor…..we’d love to help you out!

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