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P.O. Box 25163Alexandria VA 22314

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Black Friday Deals
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Black Friday Deals

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It’s that time of year again folks!

….where people rush the stores for the best deals….dipping and dodging to get the last parking spot at the mall, and trying to avoid getting in a brawl for the last toy of the year.

We are here to remind you that you can still get some pretty good deals without even leaving the comfort of your own home. I know….sign of the times right?!
For those who haven’t visited our site recently, we have also added new collections filled with a ton of new product! Check out the additions to our drop down menus for those additions. So here are list of our deals that we have for all of you this year! We made sure to include both sides of RDevine; Wedding and Casual. We can’t have you feeling or looking anything less than fabulous all 365 days of the year!

RDEVINE30- 30% off the entire site
BFCM30- 30% off the entire site starting on Black Friday and ending at midnight of Cyber Monday
DRESS30- 30% off all wedding dresses, bridal suits, etc.
MAIDS25- 25% off all bridesmaids dresses
TUX30- 30% off all Grooms and Groomsmen tuxes
GIFTS25- 25% off all bridal party gifts
INTIMATES25- 25% off all RDevine intimates
SHOES20- 20% off all shoes
WEDACCESSORY25- 25% of all wedding accessories such as veils and hair pieces
DECOR20- 20% off all wedding décor
PURSE40- 40% off all purses
CASUAL25- 25% off all RDevine Casual clothing
WEDJEWELRY20- 20% off all wedding jewelry
ACCESSORY25- 25% off all RDevine Casual accessories
LUGGAGE30- 30% off all Honeymoon luggage
DIY15- 25% off all DIY materials
HONEYMOON20- 20% off all items in honeymoon collection
FLOWERGIRL20- 20% off all flower girl dresses
RINGBEARER20- 20% off all ring bearer suits
BOUQUET30- 30% off all bouquets
NECKBOWTIE45- 45% off all neckties, bowties, and sets


You can use any and all of these bad boys starting Thanksgiving Day.

That being said.....have a great holiday, and happy shopping!