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5 Wedding Costs That Are Often Overlooked When Budgeting....

Ok…..so you are knee deep in wedding planning, and you are doing your best to budget accordingly, but it’s all so incredibly overwhelming. Trying to find the balance of having the wedding of your dreams, and having a bank account that won’t make you weep is hard work!


When setting up your budget, it’s common to figure in the dress/suit costs, the venue costs, the food costs etc. However, when you are in the thick of it, it’s easy to lose track of every penny that’s leaving your pocket. Next thing you know, you are over budget.


What happppeennneedddd?!


We have compiled a list of line items that may have slipped your mind along the way….




Venue requirements. Make sure you double check with your venue to see if they have a minimum requirement for things such as guests or food & beverage budget. For example, your guest list might have been cut down considerably along the way in your wedding planning. While you might think you are cutting costs because that’s less bodies to account for; the venue might charge a fee to recoup costs for their bottom line. In addition to this, some venues might have a preferred vendor list. That being said, while it may seem easier to go with theirs so you don’t have to worry about doing further research and vetting, it may end up tacking costs to YOUR bottom line because their rates are possibly higher.

Sales Tax & Service Charge. Sales tax is usually a requirement and can vary by state. A service charge is a something the venue will charge to cover their own costs of doing business such as hiring staff etc. Service charges are typically about 20-25% of your total food and beverage bill. Be mindful that this might not include fees such as a corking fee or a cake slicing fee. This service charge does not include a tip for the staff, so make sure to account for that separately! Always do your due diligence and look over your vendor quote carefully and check with you vendor to see if the quote they have given you has these fees included.  


Vendor Trials. This one is short and sweet. When you are picking your preferred vendors, it’s common to want to do a trial to see if they are the right fit for you (ie makeup trial, cake tasting etc.). Double check with your vendors as you are planning to see if these trials are complimentary, or if they will end up as a cost on your final bill.


Gratuity. We briefly mentioned this in our Sales Tax & Service Charge section. It’s recommended to set aside a 10-20% gratuity for all your service-based vendors. Now…that being said…you aren’t REQUIRED to tip anyone…but if you are happy with their service, and everything met your expectations; why not? You can pass them onto your wedding planner (or whoever you trust to handle this) on the big day, and they can divvy them out.


 Wedding Insurance. While this isn’t a cost that “sneaks” up on you, it’s definitely a cost to consider. There are two types that you will come across; liability and cancellation coverage. Whichever you choose, it will protect you from losing all the money you have put into your wedding and all the details you spent your time and money planning for. It will help protect against weather, injury, property damage, stolen gifts, etc. This will run about $200-$500 for coverage depending on your preference of coverage.


Still stressed out?


Take a deep breath and relax….


These are just a few items to consider, but we encourage you to do your research and take your time reading over all the fine print when wedding planning. Every penny counts, no matter what the cost is.


Happy Planning!







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