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20 Questions for Vow Writing Inspiration....
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20 Questions for Vow Writing Inspiration....

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When you look at your partner, it’s easy to be overcome with emotions and feelings that you have for them. After all, that’s why you said yes, right? Love is a funny thing. How can something that takes up so much real estate in our heart be so difficult to express in words?


That being said, writing your own vows can be tough. So we compiled a list of questions (in no particular order) to spark some inspiration, and get rid of that writer’s block that has you staring at that blank sheet of paper.




  1. How did you meet?


  1. What was your first impression of them?


  1. When was the first time you realized that you were in love with them?


  1. How has your world view changed since you met them?


  1. Does your partner inspire you? How?


  1. How have you and your partner overcome the obstacles in your relationship?


  1. How will you continue to overcome obstacles in your marriage?


  1. What makes your relationship tick?


  1. What silly things do you do in your relationship that show your devotion or your love?


  1. What makes you the most excited about marriage?


  1. Where do you see yourself in 40 years?


  1. How would your life be different if you had never met your partner?


  1. How do you define love?


  1. How do you define marriage?


  1. Are there any quotes or song lyrics that remind you of your partner?


  1. What promises do you vow to make to your partner?


  1. What makes your relationship special?


  1. How can you be better for your partner?



  1. Do you want your vows to be incredibly serious or silly?


  1. How do you complement each other?




We certainly hope that these questions spark some great memories that you and your partner have shared, and that it gets those creative juices flowing for your vows. While finding the right words to say on your big day might be difficult, don’t let it stress you out!



When all else fails, just look your partner in the eyes, and speak from your heart.







“They skipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered…”

          -F. Scott Fitzgerald